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Samsung and Apple Should Beware Pocin

Written by Agus Setiawan on March 17, 2014

Map of competition in the mobile phone industry heats up . Not only involve big names like Apple , Samsung , Sony , LG , HTC and others , but now vendors from China and India also began to spread threats .

Research from Business Insider Intelligence mention vendors such as ZTE , Huawei , Xiaomi , Lenovo of China or Karbonn and Micromax of India is starting to show its fangs . Not only in domestic market but in foreign countries.

According to the report cited by the Times of India , on Monday ( 17/03/2014 ) , the Chinese mobile phone vendors in particular have great potential for being able to make a good product with a lower selling price than the output of a premium brand . And the quality is good increases . Read more »

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Function ‘Lytro camera’ There is now at All Lumia WP8

Written by Agus Setiawan on March 17, 2014

Nokia expands availability refocus . Lytro similar application that lets users take pictures first and determine the focus of the past can now be sampled at all based Lumia Windows Phone 8 ( WP8 ) .

When it was first announced , this exciting new photography apps available in the handset with PureView camera , for example Lumia 1020 equipped with 41 megapixel camera . Demand a lot of users , Nokia did not hesitate fling .

The maker of the application once the Lead Program Manager for Nokia Jens refocus on Eggert said , this shows how the Nokia Lumia series continues to develop over time .

As reported by Tech Radar , Monday ( 17/03/2014 ) , he also gave tips on how to produce a bit of an image using an application refocus perfect .

” Point the camera as close as possible to the object . Focuses on the object at a distance of about 5-6 cm . Sure you get something that is obvious , stand out from the background . Suggestion best , experiment . Photographing Free yourself , it is fun , ” he said .

Nokia even has a special interactive forum on their official blog to lure mobile photography enthusiasts .

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iPhone 5C not Practice!

Written by Agus Setiawan on March 17, 2014

IPhone 5C fate seems inversely related to his brother , the iPhone 5S . Plastic smart phones that are not selling well , even stock piled up in warehouses .

Apple iPhone 5C actually created in response to users who want to buy the latest iPhone at an affordable price , but it seems less well received .

According to The News Portal , Monday ( 03/17/2014 ) 5C millions of stock iPhone Apple has been piling up in warehouses and millions of others may still be in the shops who already bought the phone .

Less iPhone 5C behavior increasingly reinforced by the analysis of data reported by the institutions of China , Umeng .

The agency claimed that the data traffic on their networks from the iPhone 5C very small when compared to the iPhone 5S or even the iPhone 5 .

Many things are considered to make the iPhone less 5C behavior , one of which is about the price that was considered too expensive . Even so lonely enthusiasts , the price of the iPhone in the United States 5C was trimmed to $ 30 .

Even so , sales of the iPhone 5C has not improved , and until now Apple does not want to go – not about the performance of the mobile phone sales .

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Choose a reliable insurance company.

Written by Agus Setiawan on March 16, 2014

family of four on grass with hands upToday many insurance companies that grow in different parts of the world. They offer a wide range of facilities and advantages of each. Such as very low interest , free registration , the contract period is varied , and various other facilities , and will certainly be tempted to make the prospective customer , and would like to register as a member of the insurance services . but the customer forgot , if all of the facilities to be provided by the Assurance company is if all their requirements can be met by the customer requested . and sometimes , the customer ignoring all these requirements because they want to immediately get the insurance service . Read more »

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