Xbox 720 Full Specifications

Microsoft is still keeping secret meeting about the presence and specification of the new game console called the Xbox 720 supposedly. But one source close to the company have more information. Sources who declined to be named, said that the Xbox 720 that will be equipped with such a capability smartglass and Blu-Ray movie playback. […]

Megaupload Close, Rental grossing film

A study shows interesting facts behind the closure of Megaupload some time ago. Closing the file sharing site apparently affect the best-selling movie rental. A few months after Megaupload closed January, online films revenue as seen in study Carnegie Mellon’s Initiative for Digital Entertainment Analytics rise between 6-10 percent. It’s certainly very encouraging for the […]

Compared to the Xbox 360, PS3 users playing games more often

A survey conducted by Strategy Analytics ConsumerMetrix show that the owner of the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console to play them more often than owners of Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Indeed, in late 2011 Xbox 360 had earlier scored a fantastic sales with the acquisition of 8.2 million unit rate. Superior to the PS3 which […]