Instagram writhing in China

Instagram name is still a hit, not least in China, where success is evidenced by the number of photos dipload to Sina Weibo. Sina Weibo, or the many who call it a Twitter version of China, reportedly inundated by many as a hundred thousand images Instagram. This happened just a month after the lapse Instagram […]

Ben Ten Games

It comes to acquire fun itself with its favourite hero, Ben 10! In the games of Ben 10 the determined and adventuresome boy with its non-separable omnitrix goes to run with motions and ships, to achieve appointment of skate and to activity abut abhorrent enemies with all its admiral to save the acreage of the […]

Angry Birds Expansion into China

Angry Birds increasingly spread its wings. The angry bird was ready to expand its expansion into China by opening a store Angry Birds starting next year. Rovio CEO, Peter Vesterbacka announced his plans at a conference in Beijing, China. This store will be presenting a variety of products Angry Birds. Rovio seems to really seriously […]

Luna Update Plus New Map and Dragonian

Cute in the World BlueLand, this time Luna Plus Team Indonesia has a special surprise for you in filling out your long holiday. Sure is a shame to miss you guys, because Team Luna Plus Indonesia will launch several folders update the latest updates and also Dragonian. For it be prepared for unpleasant surprises. Luna […]