Asus Eee PC Lamborghini VX6 Review

Netbook segment aimed at users who just need a portable computer to perform basic computing activities such as surf the internet, email, or perform simple office job. However, this does not preclude Asus netbook designed to produce a portable computer like gamers. Took Automobili Lamborghini, Asustek Computer Inc., presents the design of the Eee PC […]

Make your home more beautiful with Window Blinds.

Home is the most beautiful places that every day is always used to do activities. Whether it’s for a bed, a place to play, study, watch television, or other activities. In addition, the house also as a place to visit among relatives or neighbors. For that, the house should always look nice, clean, and beautiful. […]

Nikon D3s, Kamera dengan sensitifitas ISO yang sangat tinggi.

Nikon merilis kamera DSLR profesional terbarunya yang disebut Nikon D3s. Selain memiliki sensitivitas ISO sangat tinggi, apa saja teknologi baru yang diusung kamera tersebut?

Surat Cinta Dari Google Adsense.

Seperti biasa, setiap bangun tidur, menu utama yg di buka, ada email baru masuk, dari google adsense, yang kurang lebih bunyinya seperti ini :