Samsung Immerse Tizen in Smart TV

Tizen was impressed discriminated against, but in fact the operating system is a collaboration between Samsung and Intel are still being developed. Besides going to be an alternative to the Android platform for smartphones, Samsung reportedly will also rely on Tizen to arm besutannya smart TV. Revealed Boo-Keun Yoon, officials who also served as co-CEO […]

Video Pebalap Supersport ‘Andrea Antonelli’ Tewas Saat Balapan di Moskow

Seri lanjutan ajang balap motor Supersport yang berlangsung di Moskow, memakan korban. Pebalap asal Italia, Andrea Antonelli, tewas karena mengalami kecelakaan di Moscow Raceway. Balapan yang berlangsung, Minggu (21/7/2013) siang waktu setempat itu, berlangsung dalam kondisi lintasan yang basah. Pada lap awal, Antonelli terjatuh dari motor di antara tikungan 14 dan 15. Karena jarak pandang yang terbatas, […]

4 Pillars ahold AMD Graphics Card Market

Various manufacturers rely on their strategy to dominate the market occupies, is no exception AMD rely on four pillars as a crutch to dominate the market, especially the graphics card segment. The four pillars are Client, Console, Content and Cloud, who was a mainstay AMD to further strengthen its dominance in the segment of the […]