iPhone, iPad & iPod Containing Hazardous Substances?

A group of environmentalists in the United States to boycott meyerukan iPhone , iPad & iPod . Because all three products diklam have harmful substances to humans . The group called Green America pointed out that Apple’s third best-selling products that contain harmful substances such as benzene and n – hexane . Both substances are […]

Google annexed Startup Unique Password Maker

Google re-acquired the small startup. But the company is annexed by the giants is different because it offers a unique password authentication.  SlickLogin, Israel-based startup is officially announced to be part of a large family Google last weekend, but as usual, no mention of how much money is issued by Google. Quoted from Neowin, Monday […]

The more expensive iPhone, Android phones are getting cheaper

Increasingly specifications increasingly sophisticated mobile phones or tablets. Specifically for Android, the price is more affordable. Unlike the Apple iDevice. Yes, based on data reported by statista, starting from 2010 until now the gap between the price of the iPhone with Android phones increasingly distant. Though spec Android phones tend to be more advanced.  In […]