Blackberry (BBM) Runs on Windows.

Not only Android and iOS that can run the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). Windows devices also have the capability. This is evidenced directly by Alec Saunders, VP of Developer Relations at the main stage BlackBerry BlackBerry Jam 2013. In the demo showed, Alec fuel run applications that have been installed on a notebook. Has a display […]

There is a Bug, Gtalk So Wrong Send Message

Users messaging service Google Talk or Gtalk surprised. Because the number of messages sent, it is received by the wrong person. This is expressed by the number of complaints Gtalk users through Twitter and Google forums. Less the same complaint, sent the wrong message is received. The problem seems to have started this morning, and the […]

Apple Expands Data Center

Apple plans to buy the land area of ​​96 acres near Prineville, Oregon, USA. Based on information reported by local media The Oregonian, this land will be the expansion of Apple’s data center. Previously, Apple already has a data center in the region. In addition, Apple began building a new facility in 2012. And plan […]