Pakistan Immediate Release YouTube

Almost a year has YouTube blocked in Pakistan service. But in the next few days, the Google-owned website plans to re-release. Since the emergence of a number of videos deemed insulting Prophet Muhammad on YouTube, the Pakistani government directly block these sites. This is done as a form of protest against Google for not removing […]

Is this Microsoft CEO Lieu Candidate?

Bill Gates immediately find a replacement for Steve Ballmer, after deciding to relinquish his post as CEO of Microsoft. Then, who is the most appropriate candidate? Indeed, until now unknown who deserves to replace the man who for 13 years served as CEO of the software giant. When Gates think of a name outside of […]

How to change IP address ?

For a network administrator, IP term is a term that is no stranger to. because each will perform computer’s network settings, always associated with an IP number, or internet protocol. IP or Internet Protocol address is a combination of a few numbers as a reference to identify the address of a computer. any computer device […]