Android Watches, Can Email and Facebook

Not only inform a matter of time, following watches are also capable of connecting users with email and website. This was possible thanks to the Android operating system. Sony is pembesut following watches are enchanting. Devices that use software from the giant Google is dubbed SmartWatch. Not only can connect with email, users can also […]

How It Feels Hold State Twitter Account?

How does it feel to control the official account of a country? Sweden provide this experience to the citizens. No doubt, this account was dubbed the account most ‘democratic’ in the whole world. Every week in turn, residents are given the opportunity to hold accounts in @ sweden addressed this. They are free ngetweet whatever […]

Contact Center Transformation Integrated Social Media

First, only a handful of people in companies who use email. Now all the people wearing them. The same thing happened with multimedia. The move from synchronous to asynchronous communication really has reached a critical mass through a lot of multimedia channels. Many people no longer use the phone, but the tweet or post to […]

How important the emailing solution for us today?

In the world of communications, many communications media that can be used, among other media through your home phone, or cellular phone, by mail, by radio, chat, and others. but today, the most popular communication medium is email. email is electronic mail service, which until now could not be replaced. because many things can be […]