iPhone 5C not Practice!

IPhone 5C fate seems inversely related to his brother , the iPhone 5S . Plastic smart phones that are not selling well , even stock piled up in warehouses . Apple iPhone 5C actually created in response to users who want to buy the latest iPhone at an affordable price , but it seems less […]

iPhone, iPad & iPod Containing Hazardous Substances?

A group of environmentalists in the United States to boycott meyerukan iPhone , iPad & iPod . Because all three products diklam have harmful substances to humans . The group called Green America pointed out that Apple’s third best-selling products that contain harmful substances such as benzene and n – hexane . Both substances are […]

Beware of ‘Malaysian Water Found’ Malware

Atmosphere precarious fate await certainty Malaysian Air plane lost utilized to capture a victim of cyber criminals . Be careful , be aware of a number of suspicious links . A fake video claiming the Malaysian Airline passenger plane found in the Bermuda Triangle area is currently being widely circulated on Facebook . When clicked […]