Android & iPhone Users, Who’s More Royal?

Android and iPhone users generally have some differences . One of them online on internet -related spending . Yes , Android is okay to be the most dominant operating system with approximately 80 % market share according to IDC . However, although much less population , iPhone users in the United States seem to spend […]

McAfee Antivirus in Threshold ‘Death’

McAfee is one of the most popular antivirus software . But now , it might be time to say goodbye to such an antidote to malicious programs . What on earth? McAfee is an antivirus company established John McAfee , the eccentric billionaire technology . In 2011 , McAfee was acquired by processor giant , […]

How to improve slip ring quality

1.The detection of dynamic contact resistance To be bested for slip ring mounted on 360-degree turntable rotation detection by motor driven turntable, so that a continuous conductive slip ring rotation in the detection process, the dynamic contact resistance of each loop is a dynamic display whichever is the maximum and minimum, in order to ensure […]