Siri Greets New iPad, But Not old iPad

Siri voice command feature so far is only in the smartphone iPhone 4S. But that exclusivity will be lost because Apple sure Siri will come also to the new iPad tablet computer. In the 2012 WWDC event, Apple announced that Siri will be used in third generation iPad. When the user will download the IOS […]

Jakarta Still So the iPhone enthusiast Field

A total of 25 thousand units of the iPhone 4S XL Axiata prepared for the first batch. For Jakarta alone, XL optimistic could be the most absorbing land gadget Steve Jobs’s legacy. It became the capital city with the largest smartphone market potential compared to other cities. Francky said Rinaldo Pakpahan as GM Sales Greater […]

Founder of Apple: Some Features Android wins in comparison with iPhone

Together with Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak was the founder of the company, now a technology giant, Apple. But if Jobs is known to hate Android phone, not the case with Steve Wozniak. Wozniak recently admitted Android handsets already beat the iPhone in some sectors. Wozniak does use the iPhone as a major smartphone, but also […]

iPhone 4S For Sale Without Cameras

Powerful 8MP camera owned the iPhone 4S is one reason people are willing to reach into koceknya for this one device. But not in Singapore.┬áIn lion country, the existence of these cameras even eliminated. Why? Indeed, the omission is not done for all devices iPhone 4S sold there, but only a number of tools that […]