Microsoft Make Money from Android

Microsoft has just reported last financial condition. One interesting thing is, a vendor founded by Bill Gates is interesting enough money earned from the use of the Android operating system. Yes, Microsoft does not use Android. But Microsoft has an agreement with several Android vendors to pay patent licensing. Microsoft patents there are used in […]

Make sure you always get the information about Google Android software update

If you always follow the technological development of smartphones, you would be familiar with google android. smartphone operating system this one is really phenomenal, and always awaited the latest version by societies around the world who loved andoid. until now, google android had made several developments, starting from the first version, last version of froyo, […]

Chromezone, Toko Gadget Pertama Google

Google membuka toko gadget pertamanya. Raksasa mesin pencari online ini memilih ibu kota Inggris, London, sebagai lokasi toko yang dinamakan Chromezone tersebut. Chromezone bertempat di Tottenham Court Road, London. Toko ini diujicoba Google untuk menjual Chromebook, laptop dengan OS Chrome bikinannya, yang dibuat bersama beberapa vendor teknologi seperti Acer dan Samsung. Chromebook adalah laptop yang […]

July 16, PlayBook Present in the Market

Though less agile with other computer tablet manufacturers, but Research In Motion, BlackBerry smartphone manufacturers remained adamant to market a tablet computer besutannya into the Indonesian market. Had reportedly will be named BlackPad, RIM’s tablet PCs and then released using the name of the Playbook. The plan, in the ground water, the product will be […]