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Google Play Store Defeat Start App Store

Written by admin on August 2, 2013 – 8:15 pm -

For the first time, managed to Google Play Store┬ábeat┬áStore Apple’s App Store in terms of download numbers in the leading online applications store.

From the data released by the App Annie revealed that the current number of downloaders in the Play Store 10% more than the App Store. Although the matter of the number of advantages over Apple still produce than Google.

Quoted from GSM Arena, Friday (08/02/2013), the only similarity of the two is the amount of download in the App Store Play Store and mostly come from the gaming applications.

More specifically, gaming applications on the App Store traffic control 75% user downloads iDevice, Android even number could reach 80%.

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Apple App Store Translucent 25 Billion Downloads

Written by admin on March 3, 2012 – 9:01 am -

Apple Store

Apple Store

Apple thanks go to its customers. Because the company founded by Steve Jobs has just reached a new milestone related to the downloading of their online store. Apple reported, the number of downloads in the App Store has reached 25 billion times. “Thanks for getting us there,” according to Apple’s written on their page.

Upon the achievement of that, Apple had to give a gift to consumers, in the form of gift cards valued at USD 10,000. This gift can be taken home for consumers who do the downloading to-25 billion. But the announcement of the winner has not been delivered by the technology giant.

Reported by AppleInsider, Sunday (03/02/2012), the counting starts since last February 17 at which time the number of downloads stands at 24.29 billion.

Apple has paid U.S. $ 4 billion on developers and they now deposit of 600,000 applications in the App Store which was released in 2008.

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Chromezone, Toko Gadget Pertama Google

Written by admin on October 2, 2011 – 7:25 pm -



Google membuka toko gadget pertamanya. Raksasa mesin pencari online ini memilih ibu kota Inggris, London, sebagai lokasi toko yang dinamakan Chromezone tersebut. Chromezone bertempat di Tottenham Court Road, London. Toko ini diujicoba Google untuk menjual Chromebook, laptop dengan OS Chrome bikinannya, yang dibuat bersama beberapa vendor teknologi seperti Acer dan Samsung.

Chromebook adalah laptop yang kebanyakan fungsinya mengandalkan koneksi internet. Sebelumnya, laptop ini hanya dijual secara online. Sekarang, konsumen bisa melihatnya langsung di toko Google dan bisa menanyakan langsung kemampuannya. Langkah Google membuat toko sendiri mengikuti jejak Apple Store dan Microsoft Store. Namun Chromezone belum bisa dibandingkan dengan keduanya karena masih uji coba dan barang jualan masih terbatas. Google berniat membuka lebih banyak toko serupa di masa depan.

“Pakar Chromebook akan menawarkan panduan dan nasehat bagi pembeli,” demikian keterangan Google, seperti dikutip dari Telegraph, Minggu (2/10/2011). Dibukanya toko Google ini pun menandakan keseriusan Google di pasar hardware.

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Fake Apple Store Continues Pursued

Written by admin on August 14, 2011 – 8:09 pm -

Fake Apple Stores

Fake Apple Stores

The emergence of fake Apple Store in China was much more than expected. No doubt, the Bamboo Curtain country continues to intensify the hunt for stores that mendompleng big name Apple.

As is known, the issue of fake Apple Store is already making tantrum after he was found five fake Apple store in the area of ??Kunming, China. Not unexpectedly, the existence of similar stores mushroomed more than expected the authorities.

This was after the discovery of 22 other fake Apple store in Kunming, which is the southern region of China. Whereas a few weeks earlier, authorities ordered its closure.

Now, the hunt for the fake stores increasingly lauched the authorities in China. At least, there are about 300 shops of electronics and IT devices that have been conducted investigations in Kunming. Not mentioned, how many more stores to target further surgery. Read more »

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