Instagram writhing in China

Instagram name is still a hit, not least in China, where success is evidenced by the number of photos dipload to Sina Weibo. Sina Weibo, or the many who call it a Twitter version of China, reportedly inundated by many as a hundred thousand images Instagram. This happened just a month after the lapse Instagram […]

Compete with Google and Apple, China Make Their Own OS

Alibaba announced plans to launch the operating system (OS) mobile. Largest e-commerce site in China wants to compete with Google and Apple in the smartphone software market share. Not just make the OS, as reported by AFP and quoted on Tuesday (07/26/2011), Alibaba will also release its first smartphone. The launch of the OS and […]

Gara – gara tidak kuat dengan omelan istri, Suaminya nekat terjun ke sungai.

Mungkin ini pelajaran buat semua orang, termasuk saya. Kisah orang beijing ini saya dapatkan dari detik pagi ini, monggo di baca : Seorang pria China nekat terjun ke sungai berarus deras. Hal itu dia lakukan karena tidak kuat lagi mendengar omelan istrinya. Ceritanya, Zhou dan istrinya sedang berada di atas kapal ferry di Sungai Yangtze, […]