Google: Local Content in Indonesia Less tilled

Concerns over service operator will be stretching the top (OTT) is understandable by Google and Microsoft are engaged in the business. But according to them, there are more important things, and have not been maximized by operator to boost its business performance in order to rise again. Director of Strategic Business Development Google Asia Pacific, […]

Need seo services ?, Just call Local SEO Reseller

Development of an online business this year will be more stringent, because a lot of people who started his business online from all over the world. if they sell a product, or offering services. so the competition will be more stringent. for that, we need to prepare ourselves, so our site can remain in this […]

a very interesting website ideas

In the Internet world, a lot of things you can do. In addition to searching for information, data, view movies and play games, we also get money from the internet, and the value of money is not unlimited, according to what we will do. The more we work hard, the more money will go into […]