HTC Overheat, Women’s Skin Burned

Cases of battery overheating, aka overheating returning casualties. A woman from Ohio, USA, suffered burns on his skin as HTC phones are placed in the pocket suddenly very hot. Initially, Jennifer Grago, woman it, is being put HTC Evo Shift in sac his pants while is being working. While on the move, he turned on […]

HTC One Tough, But Hard Fixed

One pretty much praised HTC related designs are beautiful and made ​​of premium metal. But on the other hand, this handset is considered to be very difficult to repair if damaged. Conclusions are presented by iFixit, a company engaged in the repair gadgets. As quoted from the Tech Radar, Monday (01/04/2013), they had to disassemble […]

Is this evidence iPad 3 Wearing Retina Display?

iPad 3 launch time said to have been close. According to reports with evidence, iPad 3 will almost certainly use Retina-tech screen and 8 megapixel camera. MacRumors media claim they successfully get the authentic 3 iPad screen of Apple’s production chain. The screen size is the same as the iPad 2 is 9.7 inch. After the […]

Prototype iPhone 5 Fall into Casing Manufacturers Hand?

Apple was disturbed by news of the loss of a prototype of the latest version of the iPhone. Now, the news continued with a story that says if the prototype is already falling into the hands of the casing manufacturer in China. Rumors are increasingly widely in the mobile market because the Bamboo Curtain country […]