Use Remote Utilities to expedite your job.

Currently, technological development and running very quickly, not only growing every minute, second by second is always evolving, who is not trying to catch will be left far behind. The main developments in the field of computer networks, where we can perform remotely, anywhere, anytime, and using any equipment that is in our hands. Remote […]

Awesome! Siri Can be Ordered to Close Garage

Thanks to the presence of Siri, users can command in his voice iDevice. Well, in the hands of a developer, the voice assistant feature may be ordered not only for iOS devices only. Through YouTube account named Elvis Impresonator, this guy shows how Siri can be instructed to open and close the garage, turned off […]

Laser Could Control Rain

Scientists from a university in Switzerland found a way to control the rain with laser assisted condensation technique. With this technique, the rain can be engineered or otherwise terminated. Based on the results of a study published in Nature, the beginning of September 2011, researchers from the University of Geneva found ways to make the […]

Beware, Robot In The Observer

Her body was tiny and lightweight. Two of this would support him freely moving in different directions to do the monitoring. He can detect the presence of a person by recognizing his breath blowing. He is a robot named Cougar20-H monitors. So as not detected by the robot is, someone should at least have the […]