‘Sexy’ Not Making Fujitsu Smartphone Market Glance

Fujitsu is not only known as a provider of infrastructure vendors, but also through a number of consumer products such as laptops and smartphones. Even so, they claimed to be reluctant to plunge further in the smart phone industry. Currently Fujitsu is already proving its existence in the smartphone industry through the ranks of the […]

Bagaimana Cara Mengembalikan Akun yang Terinfeksi Malware ‘Autolike’

Program jahat yang baru-baru ini beredar di Facebook makin meresahkan para pengguna di Tanah Air. Berikut cara untuk menghindari atau memulihkan akun yang sudah terinfeksi malware ‘Autolike’ tersebut. Program jahat yang menawarkan like pada setiap status pengguna makin gencar beredar. Menurut catatan vaksincom, sedikitnya 2-3 ribuan akun yang sudah terinfeksi oleh program jahat tersebut. Untuk […]

Seductive nan First Impressions of Duo HTC Windows Phone 8

HTC ready to market two Windows Phone 8 their debut in the country. Well, before it was sold freely, detikINET given the opportunity to taste them first. Windows Phone 8 promised would be a fierce rival Android and iOS, a number of vendors were competing for and claim to be the best Windows Phone 8 […]

Acer Aspire S3, The Slim is Tempting

Anyone who just saw the look of the Acer Aspire S3 would be tempted to form a slim, unique design, and colors that reinforce the impression of exclusivity. Then how it performs?¬†Acer Aspire S3 is claimed as the first ultrabook available on the market. In accordance with its kind, this product is a candidate sleek […]