Voice Chat PTT Coming Soon on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is likely to have an effective way to really kick via SMS communications. Popular messaging service is reportedly adding voice chat function push-to-talk (PTT). If it is true, as quoted from TechRadar, Thursday (05/02/2013), WhatsApp will also compete more aggressively in BlackBerry Messenger BBM Voice being closest rival. The news stems from 9to5Mac who […]

Electronic Arts CEO resigns from office

Electronic Arts (EA) arguably one of the publishers and game makers are quite successful today. But while it’s exciting, CEO of the company from the United States that just resigned. John Riccitiello is just a letter of resignation to the board of directors as the CEO of EA. As quoted from Business Insider, Tuesday (03/19/2013), […]

Download the song on iTunes, Young is drenched Rp 131 Million

Apple’s online music store, iTunes record number of downloads as much as 25 billion. For teens named Phillip Luepke, the milestone is also a windfall. 22-year-old economics student is rewarded Apple with a gift card worth 10,000 euros or $ 13,500, equivalent to Rp 131 million (USD 1 = Rp 9705) because it was accidentally […]

Want to earn more income, follow the SEO reseller program

Want to earn extra income from the internet? This information is suitable for you who is engaged in online business, or you can also make a living as a graphic designer, web designer, forum administrator, or the other. you can get a lot of additional revenue from reseller program that I will give the following […]