Phishing attack drill Apple Fans

Security vendor Trend Micro identifies phishing activity (theft of sensitive data) that target the users of Apple products and services. Still the traditional mode used, ie, via email. Fake emails purporting to come from Apple’s admit it in writing to inform the update of data that must be performed by users. “Trend Micro’s security research […]

How to Send Google+ Invitations Without Actually Invitations

Google’s latest effort to become more social with Google + seems to be very memorable for early adopters ulasandan signified by various positive feedback on this service. For those who have not received an invitation and wait to be invited, unfortunately Google + invitation suspended yesterday afternoon due to the booming demand. This seems to […]

Tips to Avoid Scam Moving in Our Email

With the increase of Internet users in Indonesia, phishers seem to be more active ‘work’. Here are some tips to avoid adalam Scam circulating in our email.¬†For information, electronic news Scam is fraudulent, so the sender will receive benefits and certain benefits. Sample scam that we often encounter is a chain letter and the announcement […]