Facebook annexed Voice Recognition Technology

Voice recognition technology is predicted to be a trend in the next few years. That’s why Facebook was willing to pour some money to adopt these technologies. With the technology to eliminate gaps Facebook dreaming about the language differences between fellow ‘citizens’ them. And in order to achieve her dreams quickly, Facebook does not want […]

Stop Use Facebook to $200 USD, will you?

A father less so excited because her addiction to access Facebook. No less than reasonable and that her son still happy, he presented some money to his daughter’s escape networking site. Paul Baier, the father, living in Boston. He gave money totaling in the range of USD 200 or USD 1.9 million children, Rachel, to […]

Bagaimana Cara Mengembalikan Akun yang Terinfeksi Malware ‘Autolike’

Program jahat yang baru-baru ini beredar di Facebook makin meresahkan para pengguna di Tanah Air. Berikut cara untuk menghindari atau memulihkan akun yang sudah terinfeksi malware ‘Autolike’ tersebut. Program jahat yang menawarkan like pada setiap status pengguna makin gencar beredar. Menurut catatan vaksincom, sedikitnya 2-3 ribuan akun yang sudah terinfeksi oleh program jahat tersebut. Untuk […]

‘Top Service’ Still Trial on Facebook

Facebook starting to charge for specific posts. This is a test carried out the social networking giant in New Zealand. Postings such as what is charged? Simply put, this system allows users to make their posts stand out and attract the attention of Facebook. Arguably, such as advertisements, and users will be charged for display. […]