HTC No Longer Want to Make Windows Phone?

In addition to Android, HTC does have a line of smartphones based on Windows Phone models. But it is reported that Taiwanese manufacturers will no longer support the operating system from Microsoft. Before you go make a phone Nokia Windows Phone, the HTC is the biggest vendor that has a variety of types of phones […]

Rumor: Samsung Set Windows Phone 8 as Galaxy S III

Microsoft does not officially announced the Windows Phone 8, but not the least smart phone vendors are preparing to bury it in the new platform. There is a rumor was first developed by Wp, a gain from a reliable source that Samsung will make a phone with the OS Windows Phone 8. Informants claimed […]

Need seo services ?, Just call Local SEO Reseller

Development of an online business this year will be more stringent, because a lot of people who started his business online from all over the world. if they sell a product, or offering services. so the competition will be more stringent. for that, we need to prepare ourselves, so our site can remain in this […]

Why Steve Jobs so Mad to Bill Gates?

The late Steve Jobs and Bill Gates often do not get along. In his biography book, Jobs assessing Gates has no imagination and love to steal others’ ideas. What about the reason Steve Jobs mad at the Gates? Gates was trying to figure out the cause of Jobs sometimes angry with him. He considered that […]