Preview Windows 8 Can be Downloaded Free

Free Download Windows 8, 8 new Windows operating system just introduced Microsoft. Manufacturers of software giant is also invited developers to download the preview of Windows 8. Fun, the public can also try it.¬†Microsoft posted a download link on the website of Windows 8 Windows 8 Developer Preview. But this is still pre-beta version, so […]

Transparent Android phone as Aston Martin Style

Known as Aston Martin luxury sports car manufacturer. What happens if the vendor of this British made ??Android phone? Look at his form in a transparent mobile phone concept called CPT002. In making this phone concept, Aston Martin work together with Mobiado, a manufacturer of luxury mobile phone. Predictably, CPT002 phone is indeed elegant looks, […]

Fun, Google Teach Cooking

Learn to cook delicious meals a la chef can reliably be done in various ways. One of them by exploiting features in Google Recipes. Launched this week, Recipes feature located on the left side of the screen in this Google search to narrow your search related to a variety of recipes. Excerpted from the San […]

Google Instant Preview is on the iPhone and iPad

After attending the desktop some time ago, Google Instant Preview is now visited the iPhone, iPod Touch and IPAD. As a result Googling activity became more fun. From techtree on Monday (1/31/2011), just like the desktop version, users can ‘peek’ search results on Google before they enter it. This will save users time when searching. […]