Earn 50 Billion Downloads, Appstore pursued Fixed Google Play.

Apple has just confirmed the achievement of a successful AppStore application services reached a record 50 billion downloads on Thursday (05/16/2013) yesterday. This has been achieved by a special achievement Say the Same Thing game made ​​by Space Inch. As promised, Brandon Ashmore as downloader to-50 billion was rewarded a gift with joy after iTunes […]

Galaxy S4 Appears in Jakarta

One of the most anticipated Android smartphones this year, the Samsung Galaxy S4, has appeared in Jakarta. Indicates that S4 may soon be marketed to the country. Indosat Android Community event which took place at FX Plaza, Jakarta, Friday (12/04/2011), a Galaxy S4 introductions. As well as explain what is to be its advantages. A […]

Angry Birds Expansion into China

Angry Birds increasingly spread its wings. The angry bird was ready to expand its expansion into China by opening a store Angry Birds starting next year. Rovio CEO, Peter Vesterbacka announced his plans at a conference in Beijing, China. This store will be presenting a variety of products Angry Birds. Rovio seems to really seriously […]

Nokia Challenge enthusiast Indonesia Angry Birds

Popularity Angry Birds make Nokia held an event to challenge the enthusiast gaming is the hot-tempered birds in Indonesia. Event titled ‘Nokia Happy Hour: Angry Birds Challenge’ was held during the month of May in 15 Nokia Store. The players the chance to test their dexterity in playing the popular game developed by Rovio, and […]