Microsoft’s campaign for ‘Dont Use Gmail’

Related to the issue of user privacy, in the United States (U.S.), Microsoft rolled out a campaign targeting Google. Internet giant is trying to persuade wary of Gmail users. Microsoft accuses Google ‘sassy’ use of Gmail to sell and serve ads to users email. Raja software also suggests a number of studies. Citing a study […]

Google Expands Free Phone Networks

In Gmail there is a service that Google Voice reinforced where it allows users to make phone calls to the destination number. And now Google has expanded the feature into 38 languages ??around the world as well as lowering tariffs. This expansion makes Gmail and Google Voice users to make free domestic calls and international […]

“Google Seen As Positive Investment”

Google is known as a corporate giant in the field of information technology. Starting from the search engines (search engines), Google is getting menggurita business by buying the Youtube site, create an email service Gmail, and build the Android operating system for smartphones. Not only that, even Google compete with Facebook and Twitter in social […]

How to Send Google+ Invitations Without Actually Invitations

Google’s latest effort to become more social with Google + seems to be very memorable for early adopters ulasandan signified by various positive feedback on this service. For those who have not received an invitation and wait to be invited, unfortunately Google + invitation suspended yesterday afternoon due to the booming demand. This seems to […]