New Google Maps Show 3D Map Format

Apple is rumored to be rid of Google Maps on the latest operating system IOS 6. Thus, there will be no artificial Google maps on mobile devices like the Apple iPhone and the iPad.Google stifling. To prevent the negative impact of the news, Google also held a media event in San Francisco, yesterday, and show […]

Google Earth Mother & Child arrange a meeting of 25 Years Apart

A man from India was reunited with his mother after 25 years apart. He was aided by a map service from Google, Google Earth. Twenty-five years ago, a man named Saroo Brierly was traveling by train. He fell asleep and the train was running in the wrong direction. When awake, she was already in place […]

How to Send Google+ Invitations Without Actually Invitations

Google’s latest effort to become more social with Google + seems to be very memorable for early adopters ulasandan signified by various positive feedback on this service. For those who have not received an invitation and wait to be invited, unfortunately Google + invitation suspended yesterday afternoon due to the booming demand. This seems to […]

Mencicipi Google Chrome ;)

Google mengeluarkan browser terbaru “Google Chrome”, tadi pagi taunya, langsung download + install, dan langsung di coba, enak sih, tampilan juga ndak terlalu ribet, langsing, flat style, warna khas google 😉 Google Chrome adalah browser yang diciptakan dengan desain yang sangat minimal, tapi dengan kemampuan yang sangat memuaskan, sehingga bisa melakukan explorasi web secara cepat, […]