Google Closed Some Services

Google re-announced closure of some of their services are not sold in the market.┬áIn a posting on their official blog, Google’s Senior Vice President, Alan Eustace, Google said that some services are closed is Google Aardvark, FastFlip, Sidewiki, Google Pack, Google Desktop, and more. “In the next few months we will close a number of […]

Google Voice Search ‘Already Know’ Indonesian

Google Voice Search, a search service online to vote, are now available in Indonesian. In the region of Southeast Asia, the new Indonesian language recognized by this service. “This feature was already there long enough, but only this time it is available in Indonesian,” said Henk Prihatna, Indonesia Country Representative of Google. Indonesian Not without […]

Google Enter Tsunami Warn

Large tsunami that swept parts of Japan, the spotlight citizens of the world today. Google also participate disseminate tsunami warnings that predicted visited other countries, including Indonesia. Google search page displaying a warning inscription below the typing box keyword. “Tsunami Alert for New Zealand, the Philiphines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii and others. Waves Few […]

Google kick Low Quality Website

Google modifying its search system. They try to stem the existence of a site that is considered low quality, appears in the row above the search results. But these changes are still only valid in the territory of the United States alone. from Sify, Monday (28/02/2011), Google is changing the mathematical formula to get rid […]