Yahoo Axis, when Browser & Search Engine Registration

Yahoo introduced a new product called Yahoo Axis. This service is a combination of search engines with a browser. Certainty is obtained after a number of media crews in Uncle Sam’s inaugural event received an invitation Yahoo Axis. From the email was revealed, Yahoo claims this service as a new virtual world explorer tool. Excerpted […]

Opera Mini 6 Landing on IPAD

Opera released a mobile browser for iPad tablet computer, which is the Opera Mini 6. Internet explorer is believed will present a major challenge for Apple’s Safari browser. Opera Mini 6 for IOS has been available for download in the App Store. Users iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch began to try out software that has […]

Microsoft Protest Google Domination

Microsoft to increase competition in the search engine with Google. The company, based in Redmond, United States (U.S.), it filed a formal complaint to the European Commission, claiming that Google has been blocking competition in the Internet search. Presumably Microsoft’s take the example in the case had ever happened to him. As is known, Microsoft […]

Google Chrome For Linux

Google Chrome For Linux memang sebuah aplikasi browser yang handal, terbukti penulis sudah menggunakan browser ini selama berbulan – bulan lamanya untuk kepentingan blogging. Awalnya memang penulis menginstall aplikasi Google Chrome ini di sistem operasi Windows sejak versi pertamanya keluar ( saat itu masih versi beta ), namun, setelah sistem operasi Windows yang terinstall di […]