Chromezone, Toko Gadget Pertama Google

Google membuka toko gadget pertamanya. Raksasa mesin pencari online ini memilih ibu kota Inggris, London, sebagai lokasi toko yang dinamakan Chromezone tersebut. Chromezone bertempat di Tottenham Court Road, London. Toko ini diujicoba Google untuk menjual Chromebook, laptop dengan OS Chrome bikinannya, yang dibuat bersama beberapa vendor teknologi seperti Acer dan Samsung. Chromebook adalah laptop yang kebanyakan fungsinya mengandalkan koneksi internet.…

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Logitech releases Multi-Touch Trackpad

Logitech launches wireless computer accessories called Touchpad. As the name implies, it is a multi-touch trackpad that uses wireless technology. This tool displays the surface area of ​​5 inches (12.7 cm). To run it, users are welcome to perform a sweep: a finger to move the cursor, 2 fingers for scrolling, 3 finger for browsing photos and fourth finger to switch…

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Trend Micro Free Virus Cleaning

Trouble with the virus that stubborn? Just stop by the booth to Trend Micro. Not only the flash disk, if necessary, take all your laptop or desktop computer contaminated malicious programs. Located at the Plenary Hall JCC, the antivirus Trend Micro PC Clinic open free to visitors of the exhibition. “In this exhibition that opened only Trend Micro PC Clinic,”…

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Beware, Robot In The Observer

Her body was tiny and lightweight. Two of this would support him freely moving in different directions to do the monitoring. He can detect the presence of a person by recognizing his breath blowing. He is a robot named Cougar20-H monitors. So as not detected by the robot is, someone should at least have the ability to hold his breath…

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