PlayStation 4 (Probably) Marketed October 21

After officially announced at E3, there has been no further information exactly when the PlayStation 4 go on sale. Latest info only reveal launch plans are reported at the end of 2013. But now the exact launch time began slightly ajar. Leaked by a NeoGAF forum member with nickname Nealand Liquor, he revealed a release […]

Samsung Tizen Delayed Until November

Although reportedly delayed the development of Tizen OS, Samsung is still determined to release a Tizen based smartphone. Several times the estimated launch delayed, says Samsung Tizen the latest information will be released before the end of the year.┬áSamsung has yet to officially confirm the time of the launch of the smartphone OS’s homemade. However, […]

Follow Samsung, MediaTek Working on ‘Brain’ big.LITLE

Samsung is no longer the only smartphone manufacturers who rely on technology processor ARM Big.LITLE. Chinese smartphone chipmakers MediaTek ended up taking the same step with the launch of ‘brains’ quad core adopting ARM architecture big.LITLE. The difference is, when relying on a pair of Samsung’s quad-core processors, each of which carries manifold Cortex-A15 and […]

Samsung Galaxy Note III-Smartwatch Glide Along?

Perhaps there have been countless many leaks that reveal the presence of the latest generation of Samsung’s phablet. Ranging from design, specification, until zoom has been leaked so crowded conversation. Previous Galaxy Note III rumored to be released in conjunction with the IFA 2013 event in Berlin, Germany on 6 September next. But the latest […]