Posting on Path, Just Use Sound via Google Glass

Google smart glasses, namely Google Glass gets new update is increasingly enriching ability. One of the new capabilities that are brought to the status of the post popular networking site Path application only armed with sound. The update presented to the explorer Google Glass and gradually be visited Google Glass owners other in the next […]

Stop Use Facebook to $200 USD, will you?

A father less so excited because her addiction to access Facebook. No less than reasonable and that her son still happy, he presented some money to his daughter’s escape networking site. Paul Baier, the father, living in Boston. He gave money totaling in the range of USD 200 or USD 1.9 million children, Rachel, to […]

Instagram writhing in China

Instagram name is still a hit, not least in China, where success is evidenced by the number of photos dipload to Sina Weibo. Sina Weibo, or the many who call it a Twitter version of China, reportedly inundated by many as a hundred thousand images Instagram. This happened just a month after the lapse Instagram […]

Printing photos from Facebook Without Fear of Break

Printing photos from Facebook are sometimes a bit difficult because of its low resolution. Well, look at the gap is a service called CanvasPop dibesut.¬†Claimed, he was the only service in the world that offers the following, namely to print photos up, no matter how small, with perfect results. Corresponding name of the service, the […]