Bing Now Integrated into Pinterest

Microsoft Bing in order to continue to develop more interesting and more social, by immersing new features. Now, the search engine is integrated with social networking photo sharing Pinterest. With this collaboration, image search on Bing, will feature a ‘Pin to Pinterest’. As a result, users can instantly share with mengklil Pinterest account to the feature. Excerpted from The Next…

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‘Top Service’ Still Trial on Facebook

Facebook starting to charge for specific posts. This is a test carried out the social networking giant in New Zealand. Postings such as what is charged? Simply put, this system allows users to make their posts stand out and attract the attention of Facebook. Arguably, such as advertisements, and users will be charged for display. Mia Garlick Facebook spokesman confirmed,…

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Norton Internet Security 2012 Review

Computers are always struggling with the Internet requires a high level of security. Moreover, the current threats are scattered not just the virus alone. Therefore, complete protection is absolutely necessary. For a computer like that, perananan antivirus application is not enough. Users still need additional security. For that reason, Symantec security application package to present a more complete than the…

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Tips to Avoid Buying Fake IPhone 4S

The launch of the iPhone 4S trigger counterfeit sales at online shops. Not much different physical inversely with the price is priced much cheaper.¬†Of course the price is skewed there are many things sacrificed including specifications, quality and durability of the goods. So to avoid being stuck purchasing counterfeit goods, the following tips that can be done as quoted from…

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