Canon EOS 6D Revealed

What makes the EOS 6D specials, one of which is light weight, only 680 grams, the category of full frame camera. But the charm does not just stop in terms of weight alone. In a presentation made Canon officials some time ago at his headquarters, Canon convey 3 key a high-quality photos, the lens, image […]

Get rid of the Netbook, Dell Slim Laptop for Focus

Dell seems no longer interested in selling netbooks. Class 10-inch laptop category is replaced by Dell’s focus on super-thin laptops deliver performance more real, one thing has not claimed the Dell netbook. “We used to sell the Dell Mini series. Now we focus on solutions to bring thin and powerful device that we believe has […]

iPad 2 More ‘Sexy’, Fast, and Durable

Year 2011 is the era of dual-core tablet. Likewise with the iPad 2, which comes with all the benefits A5 processor. Not only that, the body was designed iPad two more ‘sexy’, the thinness of 8.8 mm, thinner than the iPhone 4. As quoted from Knowyourmobile, Thursday (03/03/2011), IPAD 2 has dimensions of 241.2 x […]