How To Increase Your Sales With a Good Website?

Marketing a product or service online, is something we must do to meet the demands of today. Due to the use of online media as a tool to market our products or services that we offer, we can expand the sales area, and are not limited to a city, country or continent. So we will […]

Google kick Low Quality Website

Google modifying its search system. They try to stem the existence of a site that is considered low quality, appears in the row above the search results. But these changes are still only valid in the territory of the United States alone. from Sify, Monday (28/02/2011), Google is changing the mathematical formula to get rid […]

Website Feel Impact From Google Modification

Google decided to make significant changes in its search algorithms, with lower-quality website ranking is low, such that only contain little content and instead directs users to a full page ad. These modifications have seen quite a dramatic impact in the realm of online search. Once observed, some websites that previously ranked high in searches […]