iPad 2 & iPad Mini 5 Coming Mid-2013

This quality post is brought to you by Traq Software in celebration for their new product – live instructor led Quality Center test management training starting on April 15th (04/15/2013) and running through to (04/18/2013)! Traq Software is the leader in┬átest management. Mini iPad second generation expected to be released in the second half of […]

Given a 3D Visual Technology at Intel Sandy Bridge

The second generation of Intel Core processors or who is often dubbed as Sandy Bridge brings a number of excellent features. Among the sectors of the visual display that is claimed to be better, including the content display three dimensions. Second-generation Intel Core integrate visual technologies that are planted directly into the processor. Among other […]

This Newest forces Fujitsu Notebook

Fujitsu has a line of notebook that was recently launched in Indonesia. Starting from that intended for gamers, to the workers who want to look fashionable. There are about 9 types of laptop computer belonging to the family and a computer LifeBook All in Obe titled Esprimo EH300. All products were launched simultaneously in Grand […]

Intel Launch Sandy Bridge Intel Celeron Soon

Having launched the Sandy Bridge generation at the beginning of the year, Intel also plans to release a cheaper version of the architecture. Sandy Bridge new Celeron chip was going to be released in quarter 3 (Q3) 2011. As quoted from Softpedia, Saturday (04/09/2011), three for the desktop Celeron chips based on Intel’s Sandy Bride […]