Recommended Web Hosting Company

In many peoples minds it may not matter where their site is hosted, as they have no real preference as to the exact location of their host server. In actuality this has a lot of bearing on a number of fronts for you. The location of where your hosting company is will make an impact […]

Selecting Cheapest Servers to manage our website.

As a webmaster and webdesigner, I should always give priority to quality websites, domain names and webhosting. learning from the experiences I’ve ever experienced before, a lot of things I’ve learned, so I do not want to happen again once the problems occur on my client. at that time I did not understand about managing […]

Operate 900 thousand servers, Google Still Save Money Electricity

Google needs at least 900 thousand servers to serve all users. However, the internet giant consumes only 0.01 percent of electricity from around the world supply. It was raised by Jonathan Koomey, just write down the results of his research on the usage of electrical power source for the data center. “Google’s data center uses […]