Ssstt… Skype Bisa Mengirim Pesan Rahasia

Menggunakan teknik baru, peneliti keamanan menemukan cara mengirim pesan rahasia menggunakan Skype. Bahkan pesan terenkripsi bisa dikirimkan selama melakukan panggilan menggunakan layanan VoIP (voice over internet protocol) tersebut. Dilaporkan para peneliti di Institute of Telecommunications in Warsaw, Polandia, Skype terus mengirim data, bahkan ketika pengguna yang sedang saling terkoneksi membuat jeda di antara kata-kata yang […]

Strengthen Mobile, Skype Acquisition GroupMe

Skype has just acquired a new company from New York named GroupMe. This step is considered to have directly demonstrated the intention of the VoIP service providers to strengthen its services in the mobile realm. GroupMe is the maker of an application that allows users to send SMS and make conference calls with friends or […]

Google Expands Free Phone Networks

In Gmail there is a service that Google Voice reinforced where it allows users to make phone calls to the destination number. And now Google has expanded the feature into 38 languages ??around the world as well as lowering tariffs. This expansion makes Gmail and Google Voice users to make free domestic calls and international […]

How large the benefits of VoIP phones for us?

Some time ago, we found a site that discusses in full, what is VOIP Phones, benefits, and what software used to make access to the VoIP Phones. VOIP Phones are all highly sophisticated communication medium, fastest, crystal clear sound, video is sharp, and can be accessed with a very cheap price, and we can even […]