Tablet Should be Cheap Windows 8 to Pursue iPad

Windows 8 tablet computers this year is predicted to be present. How to deal with iPad’s chances of a market leader and also a row of Android-based tablet? Analysts said Windows 8 tablets to be sold at affordable prices and provided a lot of applications to be able to fight. Functionality should also be complete. […]

This is Computers tablet from Amazon

Puzzle computer tablet Amazon unfolding. This tablet computer was ready and just waiting to be launched into the market. Technology blog site TechCrunch claims to have tested the Amazon tablet computer that would also be named the Amazon Kindle – the exact name of the digital book reader devices. According to MG Siegler of TechCrunch, […]

More Intimate with Tablet Sony S1 & S2

Sony preparing to market the two-tablet computer called S1 and S2. One of the primary market being targeted Japanese electronics giant is Uncle Sam’s country, the United States. Telecom operator AT & T will become the exclusive sales partner S2 tablets. The tablet has a unique shape with two touch screen measuring 5.5 inches each. […]