Emoticons BlackBerry in making RIM sued

You are a BlackBerry user must simply often use emoticons in service BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). But apparently, Research in Motion (RIM) is now being made ​​dizzy by the lawsuit that target those features. As quoted from N4BB, Varia Holdings LLC filed a lawsuit in New York alleging that RIM violated U.S. Patent number 7,167,731 entitled […]

Jakarta Still So the iPhone enthusiast Field

A total of 25 thousand units of the iPhone 4S XL Axiata prepared for the first batch. For Jakarta alone, XL optimistic could be the most absorbing land gadget Steve Jobs’s legacy. It became the capital city with the largest smartphone market potential compared to other cities. Francky said Rinaldo Pakpahan as GM Sales Greater […]

RIM Delay Launch of BlackBerry Based QNX

Research in Motion relies on its new operating system, QNX, so the BlackBerry can still compete with Apple’s iPhone, Android-based smartphones, as well as Windows Phone. But it seems to be delaying the launch of the RIM BlackBerry 10, which is called will use the QNX operating system. As quoted from the pages of The […]

India bans the Nokia Email Service

Having wanted to monitor the BlackBerry email service, the Indian government is now transferring the target to Nokia. The reason is pretty much the same, that is related to the issue of security in the country. Indian authorities asked local telecommunications service providers suspend service on Nokia handset pushmail, until the availability of email monitoring […]