Wow! Origin Swiss Armed smartwatch 41 MP Camera

Smart watches equipped with the following specs ciamik. Created by a Swiss company, the device is ready to enliven the market smartwatch that already contains some big names. Named Hyetis Crossbow, this watch is equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, and display with touch screen technology. Well, from camera sector unsparing, smartwatch is equipped with […]

Wow! The high rate Attorneys Samsung & Apple

Apple and Samsung have long fallen out about the patent. In addition to spending time and energy, both vendors also spend a lot of money to hire a lawyer. The dispute between Apple with Samsung has been going on for about 15 months, the agency handling the case law is also predicted to have a […]

How to unlock motorola droid bionic ?

Some time ago, I get a prize item, a new gadget from Motorola, namely Motorola droid bionic. wow, I am certainly very pleased with this gift from my uncle, a droid motorola bionic unimaginable to have it before. but the problem occurred some time after I tried to insert the sim card, and the message […]

Wow, There’s iPad Rental Service in Aircraft

Want more pampering its passengers, an airline now started renting iPad during flight. The gadget is already there movies, music, games, and digital books that are ready to be enjoyed. Jetstar, one of the airline in Australia who started the service. Although not yet officially disclosed, but the estimated cost to hire IPAD is USD […]