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Development of an online business this year will be more stringent, because a lot of people who started his business online from all over the world. if they sell a product, or offering services. so the competition will be more stringent. for that, we need to prepare ourselves, so our site can remain in this […]

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As a web designer, I always give the best service for my customers, ranging from domain name selection, design, and hosting, I always make the best for them. because I believe, the more we apply both to the customer, the customer will be more happy with the service I provide. usually, to choose a domain […]

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As a webmaster, we are certainly not enough to just know how about making a website look nice and good at, but how is that a website has become more famous on the internet, especially by using search engines. whether the search engine google, yahoo, bing, Ask, AltaVista, or another search engine that surely we […]

BBM spread, RIM Dug Your Own Grave

Users may be much that awaits if access to the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) was opened to other platforms, whether it is Android, IOS, Symbian, or Windows Phone 7 though. Unfortunately RIM has asserted disinterest. Step RIM is also strongly supported the analysts. For, if the fuel can connect with other devices outside of the BlackBerry […]