Google Closed Some Services

Google re-announced closure of some of their services are not sold in the market. In a posting on their official blog, Google’s Senior Vice President, Alan Eustace, Google said that some services are closed is Google Aardvark, FastFlip, Sidewiki, Google Pack, Google Desktop, and more. “In the next few months we will close a number of […]

Waiting Google+ for Businesses

Google project Mega Plus (G +), but intended for individual users and the public, is planned to be used by businesspeople. While the G + features for business not exist, there are some creative ways for businesses to take advantage of G +. On one occasion, Christian Oestlien, Google Plus Product Manager, said that although […]

Indonesian Users More Like Old Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a mobile browser is quite popular in Indonesia. Until now, Indonesia is the second largest user of Opera Mini, after Russia. But it turns out the majority of the Opera Mini browser users here would prefer an earlier version of Opera Mini, especially Opera Mini 4. In fact recently also been launched Opera […]

YouTube Capture Fierce Tsunami in Japan

Earthquake measuring 8.9 Richter scale shook the Japanese and massive enough to cause a tsunami. Effects quake was felt up to Tokyo, 373 km from the epicenter. Impressions brunt of the tsunami which was broadcast live on some television stations showed horrific atmosphere. For those who do not get to see the show on television, […]