5 Reasons PlayStation 3 to bulldoze the Xbox 360

Playstation 3

After all these years, the popularity of the PlayStation 3 finally managed to bulldoze the Xbox 360. It is anticipated by the following 5 things.

Based on data from Strategy Analytics, the PS3 currently played 43.4 million users around the world. While the Xbox 360 is thin behind him with 42.9 million. The reports record sales footprint to closing the year 2010 suggests that Xbox 360 sales eroded, even predicted until next year.

Quoted from Planetxbox360, Friday (8/4/2011), there are some things that make the PS3 will be more successful in the future. Like 5 of the following:

1. Controllers
Controller on the PlayStation have never undergone changes since its introduction in 1994 ago. That certainly adds the convenience of users who have memorized the layout and function of each key. It is also claimed to facilitate the game developers to create products.

2. Diversity Game
No doubt if the PS3 has many games with great game system, ranging from game to game Uncharted tremendous inspirational like the Last Guardian. The PS3 game developers also claimed to be more creative than the Xbox 360.

3. Free Online Services
Sony provides a free online service through the PlayStation Network. Through these features can gamers can interact with other players from different countries freely.

4. Blu-ray Player
PS3 comes with the ability to play movies from Blu-ray chip. This is not owned by another console. Moreover, Blu-ray has now been crowned as the standard of High Definition movie storage, get rid of rival HD-DVD that was used on the Xbox 360.

5. Game Developer Support
Microsoft, of course, the caliber of the Company has a number of developers who create games exclusively for Xbox 360. Call it Halo or game Bugie with Epic Games by Gears of War. But it was not the worst when compared to Sony who has a lot of exclusive games like Final Fantasy, Uncharted, God of War and dozens of other games.

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