Android can run on Old KitKat HTC Mobile.

Android KitKatKitKat has indeed been officially swing , but so far the new Nexus 5 that could use the new Android OS is the factory default . So, what other brand phones output ? Such a question is often asked of the owners of mobile phone brands . But for the latest mobile phones , it was nothing to worry about . All definitely gets Android KitKat .

Well , now the real question , what about the older Android phones . Is can also upgrade to the KitKat ? If asked to or not , so the answer might be . It is trying to prove through a custom Android ROM that relies base KitKat .

Custom ROMs are not yet known who it was trying to fib crammed on HD2 , HTC old mobile phone output in 2009. Although it is quite old school to its current size , the HTC phones Android KitKat was able to run smoothly without any lag at all .

Mobile HTC HD2 has a single – core processor specs 1 GHz Qualcomm Scorpion coupled with 576 MB RAM . A high-ranking Google once said , a phone with only 512 MB of RAM is enough to run Android smoothly KitKat .

” It is important that one version of Android to run smoothly on all smartphone platforms ranging from low-end to high-end . KitKat is the first major step in that direction , ” said Sundar Pichai , Head of Google Chrome and Android Businesses .

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