Awesome! Game It Can Be Controlled by Thoughts

Controlling the game through Microsoft Kinect or PlayStation Move is already quite cool. But now, there is a game that can be controlled only through the mind. Much more cool is not it?

The game is not Crysis-style shooting games, or other games that brings interesting graphic quality. Rather, a simple game with the main purpose to move objects.

However, Throw guaranteed Trucks With Your Mind is exciting because it will make the players seemed to have the ability as Jean Grey in X-Men movie.

To play players must wear special headsets made ​​by NeuroSky’s MindWave. This product will recognize the user’s brain waves and then convert it to be able to control objects in the game.

In order to successfully play the game the minds of gamers also should be calm and able to focus on an object, in this case is a tank, box, or any object in the game. The more focused the player, the more distant the object can be thrown.

Throw Trucks With Your Mind itself was developed by game developer named Lat Ware, 28 years old from Sunnyvale, California, USA. He says his obsession to develop this game was inspired by the ability of the Jedi in Star Wars.

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