Boy 8 Year galvanized To be ‘Hacker White’


The world’s largest hacker conference, Defcon, which took place in Las Vegas, United States, opening a new session that allows children to participate. Expected after following this event, children who have IT skills above the average may be more focused and a ‘white hacker’.

Defcon Kids – thus the name of the new event – held on 6 and 7 August 2011. Imposed an age limit to be able to follow this event ranging from 8-16 years.

The ABG or teenagers can learn and get additional knowledge in the annual event. Ranging from computers to hone the ability to strengthen science in terms of maintaining the security of cyber attacks.

But one important thing that is also included in the ‘curriculum’ of this conference is all about ethics. Organizers want to make sure that the embryo of the hacker world about how exciting to be ‘white hacker’.

Of course, the title of ‘white hacker’ is the opposite of ‘black hacker’. When the black hackers continue to attack the computer systems of others, “white hacker” actually contribute to combat cyber crimes or computer security systems design organizations / companies that tough.

In essence, the new event was first held for the children want to direct the participants to be more controlled. The goal is clear, so they do not fall cyber crime that the ends would be dealing with the authorities.

“Hacking activity is not just a fun game and broke through the computer systems of others,” said a teenager 16 years who took part in her Defcon Kids.

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