Internetan increase Working Productivity


Surfing Activity was helps the work productivity of employees because they are ‘refreshing’ the body and mind. The resulting effect is even more superior than the coffee break activity.

These results obtained from a study conducted by researchers from the National University of Singapore. They are researching as much as 96 scholars who were then divided into 3 groups: control group, “rest-break” web-surfing group and the group.

All of this group was initially asked to highlight the letters contained in a text for 20 minutes. In the next 10 minutes, the first group (control group) were asked to perform other simple tasks, while the second group (rest-break group) are allowed to do anything except surf activities. Then the third group (web-surfing group) are welcome to browse. Continue reading “Internetan increase Working Productivity”

How to Send Google+ Invitations Without Actually Invitations


Google’s latest effort to become more social with Google + seems to be very memorable for early adopters ulasandan signified by various positive feedback on this service.

For those who have not received an invitation and wait to be invited, unfortunately Google + invitation suspended yesterday afternoon due to the booming demand. This seems to be a typical Google in creating, maintaining, and extending the furor after the launch of their products, because if there are companies who are very adept about scaling, ituadalah Google.

Even so, there are still ways to get invitations Google + without ‘actually invited’, ie via email.

When you share a post on Google + You must specify the recipient before posting distributed. You can select a particular circle of contacts you have or share the recipient’s email address that you want. By sharing your post via email, the recipient can see what you post on Google + and if they follow the link that says, “Learn more about Google +”, they will be taken to Google + to activate their profile. Continue reading “How to Send Google+ Invitations Without Actually Invitations”

What do you think, is it possible?

If you’ve been out of touch for the past two years or so or you’re only just jumping on the Slovak internet bandwagon, there are probably a lot of common websites and tools that you’re only just hearing about., in particular, is a website that comes up a lot in searches, whether you’re looking up how to dig post holes or what high temperature tape is made out of. This article should help you become familiar with HowToDo or Ako sa to robi in Slovak translation, how it works, and under what circumstances you might want to use it.

HowToDo is a communal encyclopedia that any person who comes to the site can edit. HowToDo is the main encyclopedia that Slovak firms would kill to get traffic from, but there are numerous other ‘How’ branded niche encyclopedias that are not affiliated with Continue reading “What do you think, is it possible?”

Boy 8 Year galvanized To be ‘Hacker White’


The world’s largest hacker conference, Defcon, which took place in Las Vegas, United States, opening a new session that allows children to participate. Expected after following this event, children who have IT skills above the average may be more focused and a ‘white hacker’.

Defcon Kids – thus the name of the new event – held on 6 and 7 August 2011. Imposed an age limit to be able to follow this event ranging from 8-16 years.

The ABG or teenagers can learn and get additional knowledge in the annual event. Ranging from computers to hone the ability to strengthen science in terms of maintaining the security of cyber attacks.

But one important thing that is also included in the ‘curriculum’ of this conference is all about ethics. Organizers want to make sure that the embryo of the hacker world about how exciting to be ‘white hacker’. Continue reading “Boy 8 Year galvanized To be ‘Hacker White’”