Vacancies in the field of technology jobs are being opened, a great opportunity for you.

Technology Jobs
Technology Jobs

Some of the giant technology company is currently conducting a new recruitment, the company that I mean is like google, microsoft, sun, and other large companies. in the near future, they will open up several new divisions to expand business in various countries, thus requiring a lot of young workers and professionals, and is expected to be working with them.

It is not easy to get into big companies that I mean the above, therefore, as a potential new applicants, you have to prepare everything, from your ability in the field of technology, to other special abilities. To ease you to submit to such a large company, there are several sites that provide a meeting place for companies looking for labor, and the candidate’s own manpower, primarily related to technology jobs. is a lot of sites that provide information like this, but most of them only make promises, so, we should be able to choose which one can trust and which ones are not. Continue reading “Vacancies in the field of technology jobs are being opened, a great opportunity for you.”

Microsoft Fined Rp 2.4 Trillion


Supreme Court of the United States (U.S.) ordered Microsoft to pay a fine of U.S. $ 290 million or equivalent to Rp 2.4 trillion (USD 1 = Rp 8,500) on the case of infringement of patents owned software company in Canada.

Reported by Business Day on Friday (10/06/2011), judges unanimously to grant the court that handles patent disputes between i4i against Microsoft. To note, this case rolling for years. But the judge ultimately rejected Microsoft’s arguments.

The dispute began in 2007 when both i4i for the first time sue Microsoft. This small software company accused Microsoft used their patents to software word processor or Microsoft Word. Continue reading “Microsoft Fined Rp 2.4 Trillion”

Wael Ghonim Touted Google Chief Executive

At Mobile World Congress exhibition, held in Barcelona Spain, chief executive of Google, Eric Schmidt praised the role of its employees, Wael Ghonim in mobilizing the youth movement that overthrew Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak. “I’ve talked to him. We are very proud of what he did in Egypt,” Schmidt said when delivering the keynote presentation via the web, as quoted by the Times of India website.

According to Schmidt, Ghonim and his colleagues have successfully used technology such as Facebook and Twitter to express their opinions, and this is a good example for the fight for transparency. Future technology, Schmidt said, will help people to make the world a better place for the community because they have access to better information. Continue reading “Wael Ghonim Touted Google Chief Executive”

Choosing a Ford Mustang accessories suitable for your car.

There are so many ways which can be done to modify the car, one of which is to replace the paint the car, or put a sticker cool, replace the muffler, replace the color doors, and accessories the other car, this certainly is very pleasant. I’ve often replace my car accessories, and I always buy through the internet, or at online stores, because a lot of options we can choose and in accordance with our car. In addition, given the price certainly is not expensive, and certainly much cheaper than offline stores. In addition, the payment process can be done quickly, via credit card or use paypal, within minutes, the transaction will be completed. Continue reading “Choosing a Ford Mustang accessories suitable for your car.”