Owner Name of ‘iPad’ Release IPAD

Ipad China
Ipad China

Proview Shenzen, China-based company in dispute with Apple about copyright trademark iPad releasing their own products which of course is named iPad.

Apart from a slightly different way of writing, different products were presented. If the Apple iPad comes in the form of a tablet computer, computer IPAD Proview is a tube-style quirky and colorful.

At first glance, looks like the IPAD’s first version of the iMac computer. Time of launch, iMac attract attention and give its own color on the personal computer market at that time was dominated by a rigid design.

Proview’s chairman, Yang Rongshan at the launch of IPAD said his company spent USD 30 million to develop and produce the iPad. Continue reading “Owner Name of ‘iPad’ Release IPAD”

Cinemagram, Realize iPhone application for GIF Animation


Photo application that is intended for the following iPhone worth a try. Named Cinemagram, it allows users to create cinemagraph with an easy step. Cinemagraph are static images that show little movement in it. He usually published in animated GIF format.

Usually to produce the work, the user is wearing the help of photo editing software. However, a team from Montreal to simplify the process through a few steps through the applications they besut.

Initially Cinemagram users are required to capture short video clips of its appliances and mengkonvertnya become a cinemagraph. Then, he asked to mask the area you want to move.

The color is more attractive, the application also offers filters that can be appended after the steps above. Continue reading “Cinemagram, Realize iPhone application for GIF Animation”

Tablet Should be Cheap Windows 8 to Pursue iPad

Windows 8 Tablet
Windows 8 Tablet

Windows 8 tablet computers this year is predicted to be present. How to deal with iPad’s chances of a market leader and also a row of Android-based tablet?

Analysts said Windows 8 tablets to be sold at affordable prices and provided a lot of applications to be able to fight. Functionality should also be complete.

Amazon Kindle tablet Success Fire for example, triggered by the cheap price, $ 199. Now, Amazon Kindle iPad Fire defeated only in terms of total sales. On the other hand, the position of the other Android tablet that could be considered to weaken the opportunity for Microsoft.

“The rise in non iPad tablet shipments in the fourth quarter of 2011 reached a high cost, with discount pricing on many Android tablet and the provision of free product as part of a promotion,” said Rhoda Alexander, analyst of IHS. Continue reading “Tablet Should be Cheap Windows 8 to Pursue iPad”

3 Immerse iPad Camera 8 MP & Chipset A5X?

Ipad 3
Ipad 3

The news about the Apple iPad 3 increasingly heavy rolling. After the launch which was mentioned at the beginning of March, ‘the kitchen’ Apple’s new tablet PC that was not separated from the spotlight. As the camera is supposedly measuring 8-megapixel camera and chipset that carries A5X.

Quoted from Apple.pro, they claim to get a photo look back iPad 3. As seen in the figure, there is a difference in the back of the camera when compared with iPad 2.

Actually, the rear view looks the same. But look at the camera. The location is the same camera position as well, but if the note is visible difference in the camera lens. IPad 3 devices that are considered to have a larger camera.

According Nextmedia, iPad 3 is the possibility of using the 8 megapixel camera. If true this is certainly a significant upgrade from the iPad 2.